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"10 Essential Tips for Maintaining and Upgrading Your Home or Business Computers for Optimal Performance and Lifespan"

As our dependence on technology grows, it has become more important than ever to take care of our computers. Whether it is a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer, neglecting them can lead to decreased performance or even complete breakdown. Here are 10 things that you might be overlooking when taking care of your device.

1. Cleaning your computer: It is easy to forget that our computers collect dust and debris over time. Dust can build up in your device causing the fans to work harder, leading to overheating. Wipe down your computer regularly with a soft, microfiber cloth to avoid dust accumulation.

2. Installing software updates: Many of us ignore getting software updates for our devices. However, these updates often contain important security fixes that can keep our devices secure from any online threats. You can even be sure to enable automatic updates on your device. However I do not recommend that as some updates you just dont want, more on that in a later blog. In the mean time just try to type "check for updates" in the Windows Search bar at the bottom of the screen once a week or so.

3. Uninstalling unused software: Having too many unnecessary programs installed on your device can slow it down and take up valuable storage space. Uninstalling unused software will not only free up storage space but also speed up your computer.

4. Protecting your device from power surges: Power surges can happen any time and damage your computer’s hardware. A surge protector will help protect your device from any unexpected changes to the power supply.

5. Backing up your data: Most of us are aware of the importance of backing up our data, but we often forget to do it. Backing up your data regularly will prevent you from losing any important files if your device crashes.

6. Using antivirus software: Protecting your device from any online security threats is critical. Antivirus software can detect and remove any malware that may have already infected the computer, and prevent future infections from happening.

7. Limiting multitasking: Our devices sometimes slow down when multiple applications are running at the same time. Limiting the number of programs that run simultaneously can help improve performance. However any computer that we have for sale at is literally upgraded to robustly multitask, run zoom meetings while running office 2021 and microsoft powerBI and watching the live market on the portable extended display we have available in our store, and more. I typically have no less than 30 tabs open in each browser edge and chrome whenever I am working and need to access several data points efficiently.

8. Checking for overheating: Overheating can occur when your computer’s built-in cooling system is not working properly. Make sure to regularly clean your fans and check that there are no obstructions from any electronics or objects to ensure proper ventilation.

9. Maintaining your battery life: Regularly charging and discharging your device’s battery can help extend its lifespan. At the same time, avoid leaving your device plugged into the charger for an extended period of time.

10. Upgrading your hardware: If your computer is more than a few years old, it might be time to upgrade. Consider purchasing a replacement computer from that fits your specific needs, whether it be a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

Taking care of your computer is essential for ensuring its longevity, reliable performance, and security. By following these best practices, you can ensure a healthy and functional device for years to come.

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