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Lots of EV Price cuts announced lately, how do they stack up?

Fisker Ocean and the Tesla Model Y are both mid-size electric SUVs with some similarities, but they also have some differences in terms of price, features, and performance. Here are some of the strong and weak points of each vehicle based on the new pricing announced yesterday:

Fisker Ocean:

Strong Points:

- The Fisker Ocean is competitively priced at $37,499 for a base model without incentives.

- The design of the Fisker Ocean is unique and eye-catching, with a sleek, modern look.

- The Fisker Ocean has a strong focus on sustainability, with features like a solar roof and eco-friendly interior materials.

- The Fisker Ocean has a flexible lease program, which can help make driving an EV more accessible for some people.

Weak Points:

- The Fisker Ocean is not yet available for purchase, so it is still unclear how it will perform in terms of range and other key performance factors.

- The Fisker brand does not have the same level of name recognition and market share as Tesla.

Tesla Model Y:

Strong Points:

- Tesla has a well-established reputation for producing reliable and high-performing electric vehicles.

- The Model Y has an impressive range, with up to 326 miles on a single charge.

- The Model Y has a strong focus on safety, with features like Autopilot and advanced air filtration.

- The Model Y has a large and growing network of Superchargers that can provide fast, convenient charging.

Weak Points:

- The Model Y is somewhat more expensive than the Fisker Ocean, with a base price of $41,190.

- Tesla's pricing can be complex and change frequently, with options and features that can add to the cost of the vehicle.

- Some people may prefer the design and sustainability focus of the Fisker Ocean over the more traditional look of the Model Y.

Overall, both the Fisker Ocean and the Tesla Model Y are strong options for those looking for a mid-size electric SUV. Deciding which one is the best fit will depend on your specific needs and priorities, as well as your budget and preferences.

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