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Tech Mother Earth and OUR Health..

As technology advancements continue to dominate the world, the need for ecofriendly electronics and healthy living has become more crucial. The production and usage of electronic gadgets have resulted in environmental issues that affect us all. The good news, however, is that we can adopt some changes to make sure we live healthily while caring for our environment.


Eco Friendly Electronics


Electronic gadgets are currently mainstream as more people integrate technology into their daily lives. However, these electronics contribute to environmental pollution as a result of their non-degradable waste and energy consumption. Below are some ways to care for the environment when using electronics:


1. Proper disposal


Electronic junk poses a problem to the environment as they contain chemicals that emit harmful gases. Adhere to the recommendations for proper disposal, like recycling, donating, or reselling your used gadgets instead of throwing them away. will gladly accept your old hardware and dispose of it properly.


2. Energy efficiency


Conserve energy by choosing energy-efficient gadgets, such as laptops and TVs with LED displays. You can also reduce the utility bill by utilizing a smart power strip or universal charger when shutting off the electronics to prevent missed hotspots.


3. Purchase green electronics


When making any electronic purchases, check for green catalogs that indicate non-toxic materials as producers advance to limit the environmental impact. You can find eco-friendly gadgets on that are all eco certified, sparing you the hassle of looking up new information.


Healthy Living


Technology has the power to transform how we live, monitor risks, track progress, and detect chronic medical conditions.


Here are some useful ways to stay healthy in the modern-day world without detox programs:


1. Keep moving


Avoid sitting for long periods while using digital gadgets. Make an effort to advance movement by incorporating more physical exercises throughout the day. Consider tasks like stretching standing during breaks, standing while reading, or following a fitness routine daily.


2. Maintain a RMB (Real Memory Backup)


Change processes to promote cognitive health by memorizing contact phone numbers, sensitive calendar events like birthdays, or significant upcoming dates instead of saving everything under the phone's memo icon. Keeping the mind, limits health problems that may result from stagnation and reliance on memory aids indefinitely.


3. Get enough sleep


Sleep conditions occur when people use electronic gadgets before sleeping, affecting ambiance, hormonal imbalances from bright companion lights, and reducing the recommended amount of sleep. It is essential to implement tactics accountable for reducing exposure to bright-light gadgets before bedtime.


Technology adds extra convenience to the daily routines from communication to medication reminders. Applying electronics can foster better environmental conditions, while following a healthy-living regime tailors to the overall wellness. Embrace working on the digital space while still staying healthily and preserving the planet.

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