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I intentionally just removed all of the Factory Marketing material from here because they arent as direct and transparent as me. These Earbuds are literally, hands down, the best sounding earbuds on the market for the passed 6 years and I'm sure years to come for sure. Their configuration is more useful for not losing falling out earbuds, but more than that, the SOUND that comes out of these and get PIPED into your EARS is freaking INSANE!! It literally brought every song on all of my playlists to life in a way that words cannot explain. I got my first pair in 2017 in Rose gold, and I still use them today, and I chose them before my Beats Studio Earbuds (gave them away) Apple Airpods 1,2,3 whatever noise cancelliing all of them (gave them away). The Focals, whenever I come across a distributor that has NEW Old Stock, I buy it, just for all of you to literally experience what THE BEST Sounds to ever come out of earbuds or even my Focal Bathys get completely annihilated by these. These are all my and my close friends opinion and I charged them for them, so they are not biased. SO now I am dropping these to $149.99 and select lightweight or DRYP shipping within the US so everyone I can possibly supply with these can get a pair of musical bliss in your ears. I appreciate you, all of you and everything that you do!

Focal Spark Earbuds with Mic and Controller- BRAND NEW IN ORIGINAL BOX

$359.00 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price
  • Best In Class Sound Quality, Hands Down. Brand New in Original Box

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