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Hello folks, if you havent been able to tell yet I take a lot of pride in my refurbished computers and what I do in general. I like to use the Best Hardware when possible, that's why you see a lot of Dell Chassis on my Web Store. But this is a first. I Took and FHD 1920x1080p Dell 5490 Commercial Grade Laptop and shoved and formatted a 1TB SSD in the WWAN Port and then the most expensive, reliable, and fastest GEN 4 SSD Which is made by Nextorage (Which Was founded by Sony and Phison) 2TB SSD And in turn with 32GB of Ram I have frankencreated a custom Super Reliable, Super fun Powerhouse that can do all of your professional work in WIN 11 Pro and casual home use as well with that "Better than the Jones'" Feeling. LEVELUPYOURTECH.Com and Elevate Your Tech Game.


Meticulously Refurbished and Upgraded By

Dell 5490 i5-8th Gen Windows 11 Pro and THE BEST SSD ON THE MARKET TODAY

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$589.99Sale Price
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  • Introducing the Dell 5490 i5-8th Gen with Windows 11 Pro, the ultimate powerhouse for all your computing needs. This laptop features a blazing-fast 8th generation Intel i5 processor, perfect for multitasking and handling demanding applications with ease. With the latest Windows 11 Pro operating system, you'll experience the best of Microsoft's productivity features and a sleek, modern interface. But what sets this laptop apart is the inclusion of the best SSD on the market today, providing lightning-fast boot times and snappy responsiveness for all your tasks. Whether you're a professional on the go or a student tackling assignments, the Dell 5490 i5-8th Gen is the perfect choice for unmatched performance and reliability. Upgrade your computing experience with this top-of-the-chain laptop, available now at our LevelUpYourTech.Com Elevate Your Tech Game.


    Meticulously Refurbished and Upgraded By

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