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Experience the pinnacle of technology and luxury with our Ceramic Coated Laptops. Each device is meticulously coated with three premium ceramic layers on all exterior surfaces, including the keyboard and the stunning 4K touch glass monitor. The result is a sleek, ultra-smooth finish that not only looks incredible but feels amazing to the touch.

Thanks to Adams Polishes, we ensure a top-tier ceramic coating that enhances durability and aesthetics. Moreover, our Patent Pending Parfum Infusion from adds a subtle, invigorating scent that elevates your computing experience. Not to mention the Nvidia Quadro P1000 4GB DDR5 Dedicated Video Card for graphic design or gaming alike.

Please note that these are pre-loved laptops, which have been carefully rejuvenated to better than their former glory performance wise. This particular model boasts a suite of new upgrades:

  • New Dual Fans and Cooling System
  • New Battery
  • New Sabrent Rocket SSD
  • New 32GB of RAM

The ceramic coating is not just for show; it serves to preserve the meticulous cleaning and restoration work we’ve done, ensuring your laptop remains as pristine as possible. While minor dings or scratches may be present due to their previous life, rest assured, these do not detract from the laptop’s stellar upgraded with the markets most sought after hardware, performance.

Embrace the blend of performance and elegance with a laptop that’s been given a second life, upgraded to exceed modern demands, and finished with a touch of sophistication.

Dell Precision 5530 i7-8850 4K Touchscreen 32GB RAM 1 TB Sabrent Rocket SSD

$1,299.00 Regular Price
$599.99Sale Price
  • i7-8th Gen


    32GB Ram- New

    Sabrent Rocket 1TB SSD - New

    Dual Fans and cooling pipes- New

    Battery- New

    Fully Ceramic Coated with-

    Adams Polishes Ceramic Coating

    4K Touch Glass Monitor Touchscreen Ceramic Coated

    Patent Pending LevelUpYourTech.coms Parfum Infusion technique.

    Powerful Nvidia Quadro P1000 4GB Dedicated GPU for Data or Gaming

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