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Introducing the Mint Condition 30th Anniversary Edition Dell Precision 5530 i9-8950HK, a powerful and luxurious laptop designed to take your tech game to the next level. With 32GB of RAM, 1TB Samsung SSD, and an NVIDIA P2000 19.9GB GPU Memory, this laptop is perfect for high-performance computing tasks. The 4K Resolution Touchscreen provides a stunning display, while the 2 coats of Adams Polishes Ceramic Coating ensure the laptop remains pristine. This beauty is a top-tier machine that will outperform and outlast any new laptop off the shelf in big box stores, making it the perfect addition to your tech arsenal. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this luxury laptop at a fraction of the price!

Dell Precision 5530 i9-8950HK 4K Touchscreen Mint Condition

$1,379.00 Regular Price
$589.50Sale Price
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